Receving from multichannel vst 's in plug - in

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Receving from multichannel vst 's in plug - in

Post by thorangutang2 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:13 pm

Hi there I am trying to bypass lives 2 channel limitation to some degree by making a m4l device that will automatically connect all output channels from a multichannel vst to a m4l receving device making it possible to bus multiple multichannel vst's to one multichannel bus.

Bascially I want to send the 16 channel outputs of multiple multichannel vst s to a single m4l device to be able to bus multiple surround vst plug ins.

I am attempting to do this by placing and m4l device after the multichannel vst, then receiving all the stereo pairs from that vst (8 stereopairs from a 16 channel vst) using a 16 channel plugin~ and then sending those 8 stereopairs to the receiving bus m4l device by setting the destination in a 16 channel plugout~ object.

So far the send part is working well, I am able to access the different plugin~ receives on the bus channel and send to them individually, or into another multichannel vst.

However when trying to receive all the 16 channels from the multichannel vst using the plugin~ I am not able to access the seperate outputs from the multichannel vst I am not able to access anything but"Pre fx", "Post fx", "Post mixer" and not the vst outputs when using object.

Can anyone confirm for me that it is possible to receive the outputs from any multichannel vst in the session using the plugin~ object?

Thank you!

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