simple M4L MIDI send device - does it exist?

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simple M4L MIDI send device - does it exist?

Post by aviavi » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:55 pm

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows of a M4L device that receives a MIDI message (like note on) and sends it back out through the same track to a MIDI controller?

Here's what prompted this: I'm trying to get visual LED feedback on my Midi Fighter Twister controller while using Live's Looper. Even though the MFTwister is set in the preferences to receive MIDI output, the only Looper button that sends MIDI out is the Reverse button. Record, play, overdub, stop send nothing, which means I can't see on my controller which Looper state/function is activated.

As a work-around, I've been creating a separate MIDI track in live with dummy clips set to trigger-play with the same MIDI assignment I use for Looper functions. For instance, if Looper record is set to C4, I also use C4 to start a dummy MIDI clip, and that MIDI track is set to output to the MFTwister. This works, but seems excessive. It would be nice if there were a simple device I could insert that would send out MIDI messages so I wouldn't have to create dummy tracks.

THANKS in advance!

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