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Adapting the "Master Mixer" device

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:02 pm
by carlcaulkett
I'm making my first forays into building M4L devices, and the first pressing need I had was to build something which would help with Gain Staging. I figured that a good starting point would be some kind of multi-channel mixer device, so I was interested to find this ... er-monitor.

I've made a copy of the device and have started to make changes. The first idea I had was to try to save some screen space by substituting the existing meter and slider combos with "live.gain~" objects. This is how I changed the components for Track 1...


Needless to say when I tried it out in a Live project, while the unchanged tracks worked as expected, my changed Track 1 did not show anything with incoming audio. Can anyone see what I am missing here?