Step Sequencer for MPD218/apc40 mkII

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Step Sequencer for MPD218/apc40 mkII

Post by Luisbuehler » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:04 pm


Since the provided ableton step sequencer for the apc 40 does not work for the mk 2, I have now searched for some hours for a replacement for the akai mpd218 and unfortunately found nothing.

I wondered if I could do it myself, but for that I would have to learn pretty much in max for live first.
Has anyone already programmed a step sequencer that lets you just set the 16 steps with a start note and therefore work with every midi device? It would be great if someone could share this or even create it (I can not estimate the effort for an advanced developer) I would even pay for it ..
And many others who are looking for it too :)
Hoping for answers.

Best regards

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