Creating A MIDI Device That Splits MIDI Channels.

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Creating A MIDI Device That Splits MIDI Channels.

Post by Everet » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:02 am


I posted the same thing on Reddit but I’m still in need of help. :(

I’m trying to create a Max For Live MIDI device that will allow me to split incoming midi into its individual channels. I then want to be able to select what channel gets sent back to Ableton.

Ableton does this natively in the MIDI I/O section on a MIDI channel. Usually, that would be the case, but for some reason, the Maschine VST won't let me do that. When trying to receive MIDI from the Maschine VST, it only gives me the option to receive MIDI 'POST FX' or 'PRE FX'. Maschine 2 will output MIDI on each sound (or pad) to different channels; Ableton just won't split it up. I want Maschine VST to be the one sending MIDI to Ableton as this allows me to use the full controls of the Maschine MK3 controller.

So far I have it working partially. When a pad triggers a sound the audio and MIDI from the pad will be sent to Ableton. Also when I send MIDI from a drum rack to the Maschine plugin, it will also trigger the sound. It does this without making a MIDI loop. What I'm trying to achieve is when I go into keyboard mode in Maschine I want to be able to have the same effect I currently do when I'm only triggering the root notes of each pad.

Here’s some screenshots of the operation:

Hopefully, that explains what I'm trying to do. Sorry it's a bit hard to put it into words. 8O

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Re: Creating A MIDI Device That Splits MIDI Channels.

Post by doubleUG » Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:16 am

midi in live is alway convertet to channel 1.
copy the text, open Max/Msp > File > New form Clipboard ... tches.html

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