Help fixing Maxforlive device that needs a bit of tweaking (pseudo groups)

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Help fixing Maxforlive device that needs a bit of tweaking (pseudo groups)

Post by johndavidlloyd » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:36 am ... =609#13119

So I'm using this device, here is the description online;

*"Drag this to a track to make that track act like it's part of a group. So say if I put it in track D and set it's track to follow to A, whenever I fire a cell in A it will fire the same row in D. It will also stop at same time.*

*I use this for when ever I don't want a track to appear under a group track and I want it visibly somewhere else in my set. Also get's around the limitation of no group tracks in group tracks"*

Everything works as planned, although when I make a selection using the bPatcher window, it never saves and always resorts to whatever is first on that list, once I save and reopen project later.

I have been told by someone else,

Now since you're selecting tracks in a liveset, this makes it complicated as the amount of tracks is not fixed. It can change, tracks can be deleted, renamed and so on. In my opinion the best way of having Live remember a specific track is to use the persistent mapping of a live.object or object. Whenever you select a track in the menu, you need to find its id number using the Live API and set the live... object to it. Since this device is using the Live API already, this might be pretty simple to implement depending on how it's programmed. Now your live... object is mapped to the track itself and Live will recall and update the id number if it changes similar to a parameter. And once the live... object receives an id number change you need to make sure the correct item in the menu list is selected again.”

I have some knowledge in max, but this project has made me feel like I don't know anything, so if anyone could help me out that would be amazing. I'm sure it's a really easy solution, but I’m mentally drained and need to finish this step so I can move on with my project. Idk if anyone could modify the existing device I linked to, or just make one from scratch I don’t mind. Thank you again if anyone is able to help

And yes I've messaged the creator, although he hasn't been online since 2015, so I'm not sure when I'll hear back from him, if he's going to be any help anyway.

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Re: Help fixing Maxforlive device that needs a bit of tweaking (pseudo groups)

Post by chapelier fou » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:19 pm

I've done this in the past, tell me if it works : ... lip-linker
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