Is there any way to work jitter patch on mobile?

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Is there any way to work jitter patch on mobile?

Post by rxk » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:20 am


Me and my friends are currently working on interactive project prototype using max jitter as GUI (jitter window) and Max for Live as Audio Engine (audio from Ableton Live). User input is touch, swipe, shake(gyroscope)

Since our target platform is iOS (or android), we'd like to test our patch on iOS or webpage. Doesn't matter.

Right now, we are using touchosc to communicate with phone and pc but the point is to test jitter patch on mobile.

It would be amazing if we can compile our whole patch somehow for mobile but.... It seems like it's almost fantasy?.. (If this option is available, we would happily rework our Ableton Max for Live project to native MSP audio patch)

So we're looking for some program or any package to mirror our jitter window from mac to mobile. We checked miraweb but.. here's potential issues.

1. We're not sure if it support jitter window.

2. Seems like touch or drag only, but not sure about gyroscope?

Any hints including Gen~, Node.js, JUCE I mean anything .. would be so appreciated.


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