Motu AVB and Modular with CV-tool

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Motu AVB and Modular with CV-tool

Post by Babak77 » Fri Dec 18, 2020 7:20 pm


I try to sync or play my modular setup with ableton CV-tools or vcv rack using my Motu Ultralite AVB interface. I connected the analoge out of the interface to a source like ADV/Clock input on DFAM using Expert sleepers floating ring cables but it's not working. The audio or CV signal goes out but it seems the CV signal is not loud enough to sync my modular.
I did directly connect the output of CV-clock out to one input on Motu and then record the signal. When I increase the volume of the recorded signal and pass it to my DFAM it starts!
I need to say that the CV LFO and CV Shaper are working fine but CV Instrument and CV ClockOut are not working.

Is it possible to increase the volume of the CV out of CV-Tools devices?


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