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M4L Midi monitor for controller - Lights on ! (and off.)

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:36 pm
by allthatissolid
Hi people,

I have a problem with a MIDI controller I use to DJ with Live, but as it has no native Control Surface in Live, the LED-buttons don't show the current status of the devices and stuff they're affected. I think a M4L object would solve that issue, but am not sure -- I'm new to M4L and would like if the general idea behind such a device could work before diving in.

I use an old Numark Total Control to DJ from time to time with Ableton. I've made my own mapping using Instant Mapping (that Cmd+M feature, y'know), and it all works great - except the LEDs on the controller, that are supposed to show real-time status of devices and other stuff. The MIDI-mapping of the Total Control is ill-thought : MIDI inputs from a button (what MIDI note the button SENDS to Live) is not the same as the MIDI Toggle Led On/Off messages. For instance, a button would send a C3 message to Ableton, but would light up when receiving a C4 message. Huh. On top of it, there's no constant relation between both type of messages, that is, it is not a constant +12 semitones (C3 lights up with C4, but G#4 lights up with a F#3). Double-huh. (Below a link to the MIDI-map of the controller - just to get how bad it is.)

I thought of using a custom-built M4L device that would transpose the incoming MIDI-values to custom MIDI output values. But there are two questions I can't figure out :
(1) As the transposition value is not fixed (see above), i'd need to use a sort of table or chart that would transpose an incoming MIDI-note to a specific value. Would the "table"-object be fitting ? Is there an easy way to do so ?
(2) more generally : if my device was to send the right output values, once i activate the midi output port, Ableton would still send standard midi values. I'd need a way to monitor the general midi output, as the MIDI-note input of the controller lights up other LEDs on the controller (e.g., toggling Play lights up FX1-On. I know, that seems badly engineered, and it probably is. But where would the fun be ?)Is there a way to have a M4L device override Live's output, or to monitor the global output thanks to M4L ?

I've also thought about coding a custom Control Surface script, and have posted for support in the corresponding section. But I think I'd like a M4L turnaround better.

(The idea is to find a nice way to hack it and to learn through it. I don't consider buying Remotify, though that'd probably be the simpliest solution, neither buying a more expansive and capable controller -- just in case someone comes up with that answer...)

thanks to y'all,

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Re: M4L Midi monitor for controller - Lights on ! (and off.)

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:52 am
by Airyck
Have a look at the Dict object.

You can make your table of values inside the Dict.
You can store the table with your patcher in the Dict inspector.

You would filter the MIDI notes through the Dict. When a note arrives that is in the Dict table it will output your alternate value from the table instead.

A custom filter note changer.

Re: M4L Midi monitor for controller - Lights on ! (and off.)

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:30 am
by allthatissolid
Thanks, that's hot ! Seems exactly the object I need.

Would the MIDI-device output overrun Live's general MIDI output ?