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Re: mAp++ test

Post by schlam » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:35 am

on a bien le temps------------------UPDATE 0.7


addition of a Morphing Mode.............

This device was so close to a morphing preset device that the functionality has been added.

-click the map/morph button to enter this mode.
The preseter change to a node object.

- you can choose to morph between 2, 3 or 4 presets.

-> easy mapping of the 4 presets to morph.
-->simply click one of the round buttons and select an already saved preset slot.

->you can automate or map the morphing with the X and Y sliders.

->if you like a "step" of the interpolation, just store it as a new preset.

-->the presets can be morphs in several ways : with or without the recall of the "id" of each preset.

----->"id" can only be recalled during morphing with the "2 preset morph mode".

(it's due to a limitation of Max : impossible to apply 'threshold 0.5' to the interpolation of a parameter during the recall multi interpolation. It's only working with a regular interpolationj between two presets.)

->click the "id" button which appears in the 'morph 2' mode.

There is now two modes. map mode. only the mapping settings are recalled aka the id of each binding.
The dial of the 16 mapping buttons are not recalled (but they are saved anyway) morph mode. the dial value of each parameter is recalled and morph.
there is 2 sub-mode :
- a 4 preset morph mode (dials morphed but id mapping untouched)
-a 2 presets morph mode (dials morphed but possibility to change id's mapping during the morph)


................................The BiG DiaL.

.The big Dial has been improved.
.Anytime, you can move it to move all the parameters of a preset by a very tiny adjustment or a big one. another little dial, hidden at the bottom of the big dial allows to scale the modulation of the Big Dial.

When you release the Big Dial, everything comeback to its initial position smoothly..

If you let let this Dial in a position during 500ms it will lock the state of the modulate preset. Click on it to come back to the last value smoothly.

pour ceux que ça interesse...
le patch est moche mais il fonctionne pas trop mal.

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Re: mAp++ test

Post by schlam » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:43 pm

-------------------------UPDATE 0.7.3

- minor bug fixes.

- live 11 compatibility for the 'chain-selector' mode.
the device monitors the live version at startup. This same map++ version should work either in Live 10 and 11.

-->chain selector mode is working good if you toggle this mode once the device is in a chain. If you group the device by a right click on it and the 'chain" mode is already selected you will have to select another mode and then select "Chain" mode again.

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Re: mAp++ test

Post by jbone1313 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:22 pm

Thanks for continuing to develop this and post here. Hopefully I will get some time to test it next week. In any case, I am enjoying watching the progress.

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