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DIFF Devices - SCULPT200

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 10:13 pm
by twisted lab
DIFF Devices - SCULPT200

Ultra high-end parametrric EQ for mixing and mastering.
Mid-Side (M/S) EQ is an equalizer process that encodes a stereo signal into separate mono and stereo channels. The mid (mono) channel contains information identical in both the left and right channels. The sum of the left and right channels create a mono signal (L+R=Mid). Conversely, the side (stereo) channel contains information that differs between the left and right channels. The difference between the left and right channels creates a stereo signal (L-R=Side). When combined, the mid and side channels produce a full stereo field.

Once encoded into M/S, you can process the mid information independently from the side information. Both channels are then decoded or converted back into conventional left and right stereo channels. This technique allows you to EQ your mix with greater flexibility and precision.


Mid/Side Processing
5 Band Eq
Solo Mono/Stereo
Spectrum Analyser for both signals.
Correlation Meter.

* Only works in Ableton Live with Max instaled
* It Requires Ableton Live V10.1 (minimum)

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