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 Post subject: Chains and individual drum racks...again)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:50 pm 

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Hi everybody,

Well, today my electribe esx, which I mainly used for warming drum samples for my live project, revealed some unmanageable glitch issues, so I've decided to move to ableton with drums completely)

I use a behringer xr18 with live and current task is to send individual drum tracks to separate mixer inputs - and it solved.
Also, I got it how to organize chains of drum kits to be triggered by scenes launching. The only problem that bothers me hypothetically:

Ok, lets say we have 8 songs, each triggered completely by scenes. I create the drum rack of kick, snare, hat..for first song, then-create 4 audiotracks to route to mixer individually. Now song 2: add instrument to chain with other sounds, creating envelopes to switch between them. But! 4 audio tracks - their input is somehow linked do drum instrument №1 i.e. I can choose only one input to each of these tracks. So, do I need to create 4 additional tracks for each song or is there a more beautiful solution?

Thanks in advance,

 Post subject: Re: Chains and individual drum racks...again)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:29 am 

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Drop an instrument rack in a new track.
Drop a different drum rack for each song into the instrument rack.
Assign each drum rack to a chain in the instrument rack.
Map the instrument rack Macro knob 1 to the chain selector and limit the range in the mapping 0 to whatever so the chain doesn't go flying all the way to 127.

Now, you can switch between drum racks with automation.

For the audio, you have a few choices...but I'm not 100% sure what your end result needs to be. On the instrument rack track you just created, disable the audio by sending it to Sends Only, or something like that.

Now create a new audio track. On the Audio From, select the instrument rack track you created. Then, below that setting, you can choose what you want on the instrument rack drum racks to be heard on that audio track.

What I'm finding is that you're limited to one selection, so you can either select the entire drum rack from one of the chains, or you could select just the kick. But if you want each drum rack's kick to go through the same audio channel, you might be stuck. Not sure if that can be done. But, you could create a new kick track for each different kick you have, then group them, collapse the group, and use a group track for the fader, etc.

If you still need to be able to record what comes through the group, just make a supplemental audio track for the group track that draws its audio from the group track, turn the group track to Sends Only, and now you have a final bounced track with only one type of sound...kick drum / snare / etc.

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