scene highlight follows "follow action"

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scene highlight follows "follow action"

Post by montage732 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:16 pm

I use Live as a playback machine while playing drums in a band live.
Until now I had a button on my M-Audio Trigger Finger mapped to Scene Launch on the master track, so as to switch through the songs parts one after the other, because this action moves the higlighted scene on down each time.
Now i am very enthusiastic about the new Follow Actions for scenes, but - unlike with my Scene Launch method via MIDI - the Follow Action does not move the highlighted scene one down.
I want to automate some songparts but not all, and as the automated process runs, the highlighted scene remains at the start. So when i come to a non-automated part that I want to let run until I decide to go to the next, the highlighted scene is not where i need it and I have to use another MIDI action to switch down through the scenes an this is not very effective.

Is there a way that i can't see?

Do i get my point across? Sorry - it's difficult to describe those things in words.

Thanks for any help!

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