Midi mapping help

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Midi mapping help

Post by whitegirllust » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:37 am

I always try and figure things out on my own but the manual and youtube have not helped after a hour...

In the manual it states "Instant Mappings are advantageous because the control surface's controllers will automatically reassign themselves in order to control the currently selected device in live"...

I assume this means I can have 2 devices with parameters assigned to one knob and when that device is selected it will ONLY effect the device parameters for that device HOWEVER...

I have 2 separate channels with a simpler on each and a common rotary knob assigned to the each individual simpler's filter frequency. Regardless of which device is selected this knob effects both at the filters at the same time.

1) Am I wrong that I should be able to assign one knob to multiple separate devices and upon selecting said device it will only effect that?

2) Secondly, I understand I could lock a device which would mean only that device will be effected regardless of what is selected?

3) Am I correct in assuming the blue hand means the device is selected?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by Dexes » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:55 am

1 & 2) This is correct for instant mappings ie preset sysex files (sent to your controler using the "dump" button next to the in/out selectors in the midi preferences) or mapping programms such as automap universal.

3) yes, the hand indicates which device is selected.

If you manually map your controler to the parameters via the midi button in the top righthand corner you control several parameters simutlaniasly using just 1 knob/button.

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Post by snakedogman » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:21 am

be aware that manual midi mapping will override the instant mappings.

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Post by whitegirllust » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:35 pm

Thanks guys, I had the right idea, I was manually assigning the midi map to the filters, thus why it was effecting.

I think I need to re-review the auto mapping tutorial for the Axiom because I have all sliders and transpose set up and working great. I assume I just need to use the right preset channel to get the rotary knobs to effect devices.

I will mess with it after work.


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Post by whitegirllust » Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:02 am

So I figured 99% of it out and have a few more advanced questions... also if anyone else is looking for help with the Axion 49 or 61 below my questions is what I learned about the Axiom.... again thanks for the help dudes.


My questions....

1) MOST IMPORTANT: When I use a non-live VST (like Arturia's Jupiter) the auto mapping affects a few pre-detirmined parameters but often the ones I don't care much about. I have a X-Session too.

Should I just use this for my VST controls? Should I set up some parameters on a unused preset like preset 17 AND the x-session for a whopping 32 parameters and forfeit all my Axiom controls while using this preset? Is there a "best of both worlds" scenario I am overlooking? Maybe settle for 24 parameters and use the pre-detirmined Axiom mapping with the X-Session?

2) Preset 18 – I assumed the encoders would affect the impulse but they seem to be doing nothing. If I want to tweak Impulse parameters do I have to switch back to preset 19? Do the encoders affect nothing on 18?

3) Sliders and buttions are tied to global channel 1 on both preset 19 & 20 thus affecting tracks 1-8. Can I not use global channels 2-4 to affect tracks 9-32 in these presets?

What I learned....

First download the tutorial pack from here http://www.ableton.com/livepacks

It basically explains the following more in depth...

Preset 20 controls your main control surface effecting your mixer tracks on sliders, track mute/ arm on buttons, encoders pan tracks. You can scroll through tracks 1-32 using global channels 1-4. Pads trigger clips in session and jump through markers in arrange.

Preset 19 controls the auto mapped devices through global channel 16 (sliders and buttons still effect the same as preset 20). Pads will scroll through banks for devices with more than 8 parameters.

Preset 18 is to play Impulse on the pads.

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