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Nocturn: Map that fader!

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:57 am
by Ezmyrelda
I recently bought a Novation Nocturn. I really love it, for controlling VSTs it is absolutely wonderful. But I've been trying to figure out a rock solid work around for the lack of the ability to easily control certain things within live. I think if pushed enough Novation might come up with a fix for this type of thing.. Realistically there should be a fairly simple work around for this. What I am envisioning is two seperate midi controlling vsts.

One of them would be a simple crossfader. Load it into a midi track. output the midi to live. Hit the midi map button and map the crossfader.. Automap could then control the vst and not have to deal with confusing cc's and a whole bunch of other stuff. Automap works great.. for vsts..

The other vst would have a rotary for pan, a fader for volume and three buttons for track enable, track mute, and track solo.. and maybe a button for record arm.

I am thinking that this could easily be done in synthedit, and I am more than willing to do the actual work.. I just need a few pointers on where to get started.. I can read and interpret docs.. I've just never made a synthedit vst and while I know the solution is probably extremely simple.. I don't really know where to start.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated and the resulting vsts would of course be released to the public completely free of charge... Any ideas on where I should start and what the Live settings should be for a vst of this type?

Thanks for reading.

Nevermind the preceding... As with most things midi... Ducks in a row etcetera etcetera...

The crossfader is still a complete pain in the ass to set up.. But I got it correctly latched... I think by accidently mapping it too a pot and then also mapping it to the crossfader and then deleting the pot assignment... Most of the midi assignment for the nocturn within live is somewhat confusing... But as long as you can get a standard midi message recognized by ableton the rest should come along fine... For people who are just setting this stuff up...

As soon as you have that crossfader latched.. or whatever... Set Automap to use that map as the default for the client. And then... Save your ableton file. You can then go about mapping everything else and once your done its easy to set your new template as the default so that when you open up Live everything works from the get go.

Sorry about the pointlessly made thread.. But having done it... Anybody who needs help getting this set up just post to the thread and I will be happy to help...

OMG this is soooo Effing great! No work around needed!

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:14 pm
by salatspinatra
I'm not sure I understand what this is about. Are you referring to the fact that for some reason, even when I "set as default" my nocturn to a User Assigned layout, or include the cross-fader in a dedicated Midi assignment in ableton, the nocturn somehow stupidly continues to NOT load the x-fader as a part of that Default?
If so, could you put your tip in a step-by-step instructions so I'm able to follow it? I, too, find my x-fader to be missing very annoying.
Furthermore, do you think Novation will ever have the sense to open up the "smart knob" to MIDI assignment in a new release of Automap? Can't wait for them to toss that thing.

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:18 pm
by salatspinatra
Oh, and thank you for bringing it up. Real tricks on this board are a rarity, so don't down-play it. You found something useful and that's great.