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Post by drush » Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:33 pm

this has probably been discussed a few hundred times but a Search yielded me either discussions about legality or posts about completed tracks

so, tbh, i almost never use the Arrangement view. all my productions are recorded on the fly. the spontaneous, not-really-planned aspect of Live is what brought me to the app 6 versions ago. i never could stand linear sequencers.

from a ~dj perspective, i have two tracks that i've gotten into the habit of *always* playing together. i've gotten pretty good at kicking the one off to where it's going to do what i want it to do in relation to the other. but obviously re-recording them together as a single mashed track would be better.

anyone care to give me a Top 5 Tips for doing this kind of thing? i think i can probably do it... just trying avoid newb path mistakes.

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Re: Mashin

Post by Alextronica » Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:07 pm


This is exact where I'm at in my Ableton Experience

Ok try this

well first remember to do what sounds good to your ears

I love to play a Lyrical Track over an Instrumental one

OK play a track (usally the instrumental one) regualar

and then create a Spread Panner to play the Lyrical one

This entales a few Audio Rack FX's nested inside one another

First Rack creat two chains and with EQs separate the Bass from the Mid/Hi Freq

Next Rack in the Mid/Hi Freq create two chains one left and one right. I use the left to put a 9 - 10 millisecond delay.

I do this with a filter delay. There are a few way to do this, remember every Mash up will call for something different. My fav is turn the left and the right off so only the combo L+R is playing turn the filter off and set the sync to time. set the millisenconds to taste and that the basics

I F-ing love it but I do do all this in Arrangement view.

See what you think

Check out my Mash ups on

Feel free to download and share away
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