I am Purchasing a Mac Book for ABLETON 8

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Re: I am Purchasing a Mac Book for ABLETON 8

Post by gaspode » Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:56 pm

rosti wrote:
I am allso thinking of getting a macbook as a DAW computer (i hav got really annoyed with windows XP's ability to get jammed just before important recording session or in the middle of creative flow). Performance seems to be enough for Live 8, but how about the screen? How do people manage with only 13" display? I dont have much room for my gear so i cant really have an external display. Or should i just go with used 15" macbook pro.

(ps. sorry for the engrish ;D)

Let's form the question again shall we :D :

Do somebody here use ableton live on a 13" macbook?

How do you think about the screen size?
Do you find it to be pain in the "lower back section of your body" or is it enough for your opinion?

Would you recommend using 13" macbook as your _primary DAW-machine_ (using live 8 ) or do you think it is worth (/must) investing on a 15" laptop?

Cant find any answer to this. Except some "it sux compared to my 24" screen" ones. So i have no idea how it would be working on so small screen. It would be disapointing to buy a new laptop then find out that it's hell to work with it. I would really love the
Well... having just gone from a 17" MBP to a 13" MBP I have to say it is quite a bit more portable and I don't mind lugging around the extra gear as much now. Upgraded the drive to a 500gb 7200rpm internal and 4gb of memory. Seems great so far. The screen size is a obviously smaller than the 17", but you can hook up to an external display when appropriate. The smaller size means I'm able to setup and take up less room when on the road too. Honestly, if you've got a few usb MIDI controllers and don't use the mouse all that much anyways (say APC40/Launchpad, nanopad/lpd, etc...) then the screen size does matter less.

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Re: I am Purchasing a Mac Book for ABLETON 8

Post by aeon_flux » Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:30 pm

rosti wrote: Let's form the question again shall we :D :
two years on blackbook 2.0 ghz. no problems at all.

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