Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

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Re: Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

Post by creepy_lord » Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:09 pm

hey jabbon
hmmmm - I do have 8 demo
but as long as I have to use a beat repeat to modulate the length of the loop in real time, I will still be stuck with the same "hazardous-loop-length-problem" I am having right now because of the approximate synch :o
or did I not understand how you suggest to set the looper ?

gee all i dream of is a perfect synch, but I don't think it's possible (i guess quantizing the incoming bpm must require some kind of advanced technology that is reserved to astronauts :cry: )

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Re: Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

Post by Jabbon » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:02 am

sorry, tough day...

Looper setted with
Follow Song Tempo;
Feedback 100%
Rec mode: Rec/OVR/Stop
Rec x bars then Play

you should then use some keys, or a MIDI controller to trigger the record function.

If I got it right (but maybe I did not....) Looper writes into a buffer, but does not perform any kindo f granular synthesis (aka Warping) action on the audio file, nor is the playback "stretched" to follow the main Timeline.
So while you will not be able to speed up/down without having pitch effects, you will be able to get a triggered in sync playback of your loop.
Which can be of any bar you like.
(for example if you set a quantization to 1/8th then you can have lots of fun in rearranging a loop).
the, my, problem, is that 4 instances of Looper consume like a Ferrari...
You can even use a pedal (i found one for 12 euros) to trigger the actions.
adding a Brpt at the end to make some movement, not to sample the entire phrase!

I hope I understood you!!!


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Re: Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

Post by pepezabala » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:14 am

Due to the drifting Looper is not really usable when being in midi-sync-slave mode.
Therefore I stopped being slave in our live shows, I press the spacebar on time to get my set running in sync. You can use the tempo-nudge buttons to nudge yourself into perfect sync if required.

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Re: Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

Post by friend_kami » Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:39 pm

i recently got a halfassed craptop myself, thats running as master even. it only sends midi and my desktop computer handles everything else.

perfect sync then, wahu.

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Re: Is it possible to get 2 "Live" in synch (I mean in synch) ?

Post by Phobos » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:37 pm

this thread is pretty old but just wanted to chip in my info if some one searches for Ableton Live sync related messages.

We've been troubling with keeping two laptop's running Ableton Live in sync. We've e-mailed Ableton etc.

The results we've got are with two Macbook's running Live. After creating an ethernet MIDI link (google if you don't know how to) check that both Ableton Live's have their delay compensation turned off, as this will always try and keep everything in sync inside each laptop depending on your plugins etc. The problem is that if the two computers and their Live sets are different, they'll not stay in sync.

The tempo still shows tempo slides of, say 0.5bpm, but it won't do such sudden jumps. Atleast this worked for us the best.
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