In Search of the perfect DJ Equalizer (EQ 3 Style)

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In Search of the perfect DJ Equalizer (EQ 3 Style)

Post by davepermen » Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:04 pm

After seeing and testing different EQ 3 style Equalizers, I thought more about an Idea I had once. There is the possibility, with the Utilities Phase-Inversions, to build filtered effects that have no colorization. Utility for this is in the Effect Rack Thread, called SweepableCrossover.

Based on this technology, and another idea, I came up with this equalizer:

it has 3 gains, low, mid, high, 3 kills, again, low, mid, high, and the option to define where the low cut and the high cut is. it uses sweepable crossovers for low/mid split, and for mid/high split.

the other idea I've chosen was, using the gain of the utility twice, once for going beyond 0db (up to +6db), and once for going below 0db (currently -36db), and switching the utilities in the middle. that allows for 0db gain in the center, and is thus nice to midi map to controllers like my faderfoxies.

obviously, this could be tweaked much (i think -36db is too much reduction, now that i test it aloud), and it would be cool to balance the steepness of the -36 - 0 - 6 curve (now it's just an edge at 0db :)).

but i think without max4live, there isn't much more than one could do except with much too much extra work.

hope you like it, or at least the idea, to give some inspiration to other rack-ideas. my tiny webpage, including link to bandcamp.

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