Total noob question regarding Mac / Audio units

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Mr D
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Total noob question regarding Mac / Audio units

Post by Mr D » Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:01 pm

I've only been using a mac for couple of days, so please excuse this total noob question.

I've been trying to install an Audio Units plugin, but it's not showing up in Ableton.

I saw in another thread someone advising to install in : Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

Ok, but when i look in finder, i find this folder in two different places. One is on the Mac HD, and the other is reached via the "places" menu in finder (and seems connected to my Mac username). So where should the plugin go. Also, i don't see any of the Apple AU plugins (which do show up in Ableton) in either of those two locations.

Being a noob Mac user i don't understand this. On PC i woulds know how to install a VST plugin - there's only one path to programs files/steinberg/vstplugins.

Also, when i installed the plugin, i wasn't given a choice of where to install it exactly, only on which hard disk.

Any ideas?
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Re: Total noob question regarding Mac / Audio units

Post by » Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:51 pm

Hi..What plugin ?? And also is it compatible with the OS you have on the mac...I would also advice you to instal the AU and the VST version for the Mac..Some plugins need the VST version to work as an AU plugin,such as Kore2...But yeah If I have to drag the AU into a folder I allways use the HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/ then either AU or VST..Youu can open the pref.s and rescan...Also not all AU items are universal bianary or UB..They won't work on an intel Mac in otherwords...You may need to update the plugin to its' latest verrsion also..Jon

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