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live control scripts/ grid controllerism/discussion/

Post by hgt » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:24 pm

hi there,
there is some scripts out to control ableton live with a grid controller or a grid layout on the ipad/phone. the most common controllers are: akai apc40/20, novation launchpad, livid block/ohm and of course the original monome and its clones.

i found several controlling scripts for ableton live which i'd like to discuss here:
1. the monome emulators nonome( and monomemu(
2. katapult( works with lauchpad and ipad.
3. nativekontrol( works with launchpad, apc40/20, livid block/ohm and korg nanos.
4. touchable( works with ipad.
5. livecontrol( works with monome and ipad.
6. griid( works with ipad.
7. monomodular( ... dular.html) works with launchpad, apc40/20, block/ohm(soon) and ipad.

most scripts have basic functions for: cliplaunch, mixer, device control, keys/pads, stepsequencer, monome emulation.
i personally have been using touchable on the ipad recently but have grown quite disappointed with it lately and have just gone back to do some customizing on the livecontrol layout which has more functions and is much easier on my eyes. i also like monomodular due to its great monome emulator and have been thinking on getting another ipad or the vivid block for it. i also used the launchpad some time but did not like its traffic lights colors and its native modes(not to mention automap). my main mixing controller is a maudio projectmix which works great for volumes, transport, views and clip-navigation but poor on sends, cliplaunch and device control.
i am still looking for a way to toggle show/hide plugin windows(alt+cmd+p)...?
gee hgt

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