APC40 template

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Tit tit
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APC40 template

Post by Tit tit » Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:55 am

Hey D,

I gripped the apc40 template a few days before the San Fran workshop, and have a few questions. I have seen other super complicated ways to mirror the the apc40 (M4L) i.e. Monomulator which allows you to switch between controlling the apc and molar (monome's vst) via IEC bus routing and other super complicated shit that takes days for a producer/musician to learn.. I was basically hoping there could be a way to still hold most of the apc40's transport controls minus - play/record/stop etc.... Mainly I ask because I heavily use my device on/off button the directional buttons, as well as clip/track toggle; and like to toggle my metronome when warping inside the template. I love what you've done with this controller! and if that doesn't work then it doesn't work. Basically I'd love it if it did! Can't wait to find out how you did this routing miracle via the video. I know you're busy take your time! Peace

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Re: APC40 template

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