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Reinstalled Ableton...Saved Song Now Makes No Sound. Anyone?

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:07 pm
by Check1-2
Pretty straight forward. My computer was running pretty sloppily. I backed up all my music, pictures, etc etc, and basically had it wiped clean. My programs and stuff are back on, all my files. It's all there.

The problem is the tune I was working on, when I open it in Ableton, it's no longer making sound. All I was using aside from some sounds I created in Ableton were Vengeance sounds and Zeta+ synth. I put the synth back into the VST file, so I'm getting that clip to play. But all of my drums (vengeance), and even a Key sound that was nothing more than a tweaked Ableton preset, are NOT playing.

Anyone experience this before? I'm hoping its something obvious but all of the tracks are activated so I'm a bit confused. I will admit I've had tracks go silent on me while working and I didn't understand why. This has me concerned cause I've put a bit of time into this already and have the bare-bones of the tune ready to go. Please help if you can! Thanks.

Re: Reinstalled Ableton...Saved Song Now Makes No Sound. Anyone?

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:03 pm
by Check1-2
"Collect all and save" does not sound familiar to me. I don't think I've chosen that. But as far as backing up the library, I backed up everything. All of those sounds/packs that I used on the track are in the same spot they were before. I'm honestly not THAT worried about this song, not really important to me, I'm just concerned because this could happen again in the future if I don't learn why it happened this time.