Recreating Reason's Alligator Filtered Gate Effect

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Re: Recreating Reason's Alligator Filtered Gate Effect

Post by dburton » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:58 am

ShelLuser wrote:I see more people got intrigued with Aligator. I'm currently working on a (low prio!) hobby project to recreate this critter and to have something to blog about :D

Right now I'm down to setting up the rack and picking the Live devices. My version will be heavily powered by M4L though because although I don't plan to create a one on one copy I do plan to mimic the interface a little. And since a rack only has 8 macro's...

In case anyone is bored enough or has some time to kill; this is my first post about it :mrgreen:
Hey I was really into your first post about this. I couldn't find any further posts as to the current status of this project, so I figured I'd just ask directly: ever end up putting together a facsimile of Alligator in Live? I've been real interested in the idea of late, and it's those same hurdles you mentioned on your blog I can't quite wrap my head around (amp envelope & the ducking function).

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