HELP!!! Installing MPD32 to Ableton Live Lite 8

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HELP!!! Installing MPD32 to Ableton Live Lite 8

Post by Retaliator » Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:47 am

First of all greetings to everyone...

OK... I've bought an mpd32 with ableton live lite 8
plugged the mpd with usb cable, installed the vyzex software installed the live lite

I have set the audio settings in live lite so it works just great.

here is the midi settings... maybe there's something wrong with it...


im new to ableton software aswell... so i am opening drum racks and click on pads but nothing...
this is a dumb question i know.. but im new to mpd and new to ableton... i want to get the sound out from mpd... just want to check..

maybe this unit is not working properly... so just help me setting this up..


Grant Carlisle
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Re: HELP!!! Installing MPD32 to Ableton Live Lite 8

Post by Grant Carlisle » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:04 pm

On the Midi track and or 909 Midi track. You need to select midi in from MPD32 and then choose which Midi Channel to be used with said device. These selection can be found in the area you would set up your routings for audio tracks. I hope this helps. I have to warn you though i suck at explaining stuff.
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