Changing Patches Live - The Solution

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Re: Changing Patches Live - The Solution

Post by NoSonic822 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:15 am

I am using the regular program changes in each clip....problems ive noticed is that if you dont have any launch quant set.....then clips will not trigger the first time you try to trigger them....but if you at least have 8bar q or anyting then they will trigger always

other problems are distinct clicking/static sound...when you try to change rapidly beatween clips with launch quant ..the program change causes this audible if you are using repeat launch

ive done what you also tried...with using chain selectors instead...and that works well..

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Re: Changing Patches Live - The Solution

Post by Adam Mantium » Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:08 am

I realize this is an old post but I was searching this the other day and then I realized a great solution to this. I have already put this in effect and it works. Here's what I do:

Place an instrument on a midi track. I am using drum racks so I put dummy clips in each slot in the drum rack. Mute the channel. I then group the instrument to an instrument rack and put a copy of it for every song or song part in a separate chain. Name the chain after the song or song part it will trigger. I then create a midi track for each song or part with the instrument you want in it. I route midi in the track from the dummy instrument. You can pick any point in any chain. Put a dummy clip in the first track and use it to automate the chain selector. Now I can switch songs with a scene launch button mapped to midi (which also automatically sets the song tempo for synced fx) You can also put other dummy clips on the same scene to automate fx and such (see tom cosm's videos)

I keep the dummy instrument armed all the time and just set all the others to monitor in. I use a push so all I have to do is hit session, launch a scene, hit note, and start drumming on the correct kit for the song. I am working on getting this set up on a foot controller so I don't have to change pages on the push.

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Re: Changing Patches Live - The Solution

Post by nocompromise » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:00 pm

yur2die4 wrote:I think it is funny how this thread consistently interweaves conversation between two completely different practices for selecting instruments haha
yeah and the thread doesn't help me much either!
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Re: Changing Patches Live - The Solution

Post by chrismutch » Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:53 pm

Hey, I'm guessing from this thread that someone might be able to help with my problem!

I'm using a combination of instrument racks within instrument racks so that I can have a rack for each song I play. I'm also using chain selector to select each rack so that only the currently selected rack is active (saving CPU) this is working perfectly.


I want to be able to hold a sound on while I change to the next song (instrument rack) so is this possible with the setup I'm doing?

Also, I'm finding this strange problem that when I select a song, it selects chain 32 in all other instrument rack banks.

To explain further...

I have four banks of instrument racks: Songs 0-F, Songs G-M, Songs N-S and Songs T-Z. Within each bank are instrument racks for each song and the chain selector is assigned to each song. I also mapped the device on/off with dummy clips. When I select a song in bank 2, it will also active whatever song is assigned to chain selector 32 in all other banks. I hope this makes sense!

I understand that the chain selector has to go somewhere when it is not being used in a particular bank but I had hoped to map it to a blank space if y U know what I mean. I'm just confused as to why it goes to chain 32?

Thanks for any input offered!

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