APC 40 Footswitch issues...

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APC 40 Footswitch issues...

Post by benjamingordon » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:25 pm


Just bought my APC 40 and am assigning things.

My footswitch 1 i have assigned to session record on/off.

But it only stays on when i hold my pedal down, or if i inverse the polarity, stays on unless i hold my foot down.

Ive got the M4L Footswitcher patch but its making no difference at all..

Anyone else experiencing this and know of a solution?


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Re: APC 40 Footswitch issues...

Post by Dragonbreath » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:12 pm

Its an issue with the pedal you dont have the right kind. Your pedal is a momentary pedal and you need a latching pedal. Best bet is to get as pedal that is latching.

I had that problem, ended getting a Boss FS-6, you get 2 pedals and you can switch the polarity and latching or non-latching. The down side is that it needs a batttery so dont forget to unplug it when your done. I use a TRS to dual TS cable to I can patch both with 1 cable.

There might be a workaround with max for live but I am not aware of it

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