FCB1010 with Ableton and Guitar Rig

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FCB1010 with Ableton and Guitar Rig

Post by mkaylor » Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:48 pm

I have an FCB1010. I have an UNO chip 102F. I want to use it to control Ableton and Logic X along with Guitar Rig. I am using it in the studio only. It would be nice to control some stomp boxes with it, especially a wah pedal, but what I really want to do it midi map some of the pedals to the record button and loop buttons. Since being in the studio, I usually preset the sounds for the track. Mapping buttons is easy enough in Ableton, not so sure about Logic X.

I guess my biggest question is should I use the UNO chip or leave it out to have it control the way I want?

I run a iMac and was wondering if the FCB/UNO Control Center Editor was worth the bucks?

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Re: FCB1010 with Ableton and Guitar Rig

Post by JoshG567 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:06 pm

I bought an UNO chip for my FCB some years ago and sat on it until recently when I realized it was the only way to get gate CCs from the FCB which are toggle only with the stock chip. It definitely provides more flexibility. Can't speak to the editor, though, I use this one: http://host.mtnsys.com:81/faq-fcb/PCEditorBeta.htm.

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