Please help ! Mobius with Ableton routing nightmare !

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Please help ! Mobius with Ableton routing nightmare !

Post by yousefk » Wed May 17, 2017 10:55 pm


I'm using Mobius as an audio track and routing it to two different audio tracks following it, so the signal chain is "Instrument------>Mobius plugin in an audio track------>Track 1------->Track 2-------Track 3------>Master"

In ableton when i route the audio and midi out to a Mobius track all it is giving me is (ght 1-Mobius 2 - ft 2-Mobius 2 - ght 2-Mobius 2) and it is working with both the vocal and the guitar where i set the vocal to ght 1-Mobius 2 (in Mobius it is set to Input 1 output 1) and the guitar to ft 2-Mobius 2 (in Mobius the track set to Input 2 output 2), BUT when i'm routing any other track to the third one (ght 2-Mobius 2) it is interrupting with the guitar channel in Mobius and record it as well.

So let's say i routed a midi instrument track (Komplete Kontrol from NI) to Mobius audio track routing it to ght 2-Mobius 2) and in Mobius on track three i name it Keyboard and set Input to 3 and Output to 3, but it is actually being recorded from the guitar track (which was set to input 2 output 2) and there will be no sound from the Keyboard track i set, and when i set it to Input 2 output 2 or 1 it is collecting also the guitar sound. So basically both of them are stuck in Input 2 with Output 1 and 2. WHY???!!!

I want them all in three different loop tracks completely independent.

Is there anyone having these names (ght 1-Mobius 2 - ft 2-Mobius 2 - ght 2-Mobius 2) when routing Mobius in Ableton? Is there a way to get more than these two?

I will never leave you alone until i solve this haha, so bear that, no seriously, i'm so determine to do it, i will not give up !

Cheers !

I'm running macbook pro retina display with Ableton Live 9 64 bit using JBridge and Mobius 2.5. and i'm using Apollo Twin Duo with ADAT to Audient asp880.

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Re: Please help ! Mobius with Ableton routing nightmare !

Post by solger » Fri May 19, 2017 8:43 am

If you haven't already, check out these videos:

Mobius Setup In Ableton Part 1 -
Mobius Setup In Ableton Part 2 -

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