B-Section tips.

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Electronic Cat
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B-Section tips.

Post by Electronic Cat » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:43 pm

A B-Section is the part of a track where it would change or edit some of the sounds or loops that have been playing, you use them so that your song is not just a bunch of loops layered together.

I decided to share some of my tips on creating B-Sections.

1:Remove a major loop.
If you remove a major loop (Meldody, Chords e.t.c) you can really change how the song sounds. However, at times this can sound pretty useless and boring, unless done correctly.
1: Arpeggiate an existing track.
This is the one I use most often, as I produce proggressive house, (not generic melodic house) this works for me considering that my music mainly focuses on chord progressions rather than melodys.

I would do more, but I can't be bothered to type.


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Re: B-Section tips.

Post by braduro » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:02 pm

good thread.
I shouldn't be the first to reply because I'm not particularly good at framing the needs of a B-section, but I'll offer some of my starting points
*bring your initial ideas into a new session, perhaps set up suited for other stages in the songwriting process.
*rest the initial idea and look for other supporting decisions. Lyrics, modulations, dynamics either by instrument doubling or opening things up.
*answer the problems of the A-section, whether that's a matter of creating new problems is up to you. If you shift a pattern to a new key to you hear something wrong with it? Are certain rhythms already clashing or does a baseline (harmonic rhythm) need a new pace?
*use a different song writing technique altogether. Maybe you use sequencers for your beats, so maybe now look into clip and arrangement editing. You use synths for your pads, maybe now look at samples to tag up the track. You use your computer for making music. Maybe now sit in front of the guitar or your modular set-up.

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