Start a clip by a midi controller message

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Start a clip by a midi controller message

Post by Bartho » Sun Nov 25, 2018 1:03 am

What I want:
When a special scene get launched (let it has 20 audio clips and one midi controller clip) I want at one track one audio clip get started, that not belongs to that s scene, while the other 19 are in the selected scene.
Important is, that the selected is still the one with the 19 runnimg clips, not the one with the one clip...

Does someone have a better solution than me (see below)? (it works, but it causes errors...)
Does someone know, why that errors occur?

What I tried:
created a midi clip with a midi controller signal to trigger the clip.
I routed midi to an internal "Cable" (loop B)
deleted Stop button from that midi clip, looped it and run it.
While its running I open MIDI MAPPING and map the concerning clip.

The clip is now mapped to that midi controller signal.
when the scene is launched, 19 clips are running in the scene, but one starts in another determind slot.
But the internal cable alerts an shortcut...I dont understand this.
for better understanding a picture. Her I only have 2 tracks. In track 0 the controlling midi clip, in track 1 the clip to get starteted (a whole group of clips connected woith follow actions). You also see that the scene changed, what it should not. And you see the error from LoopBe (Muted)

Why I want it
The concerning scene is a Solo Scene. Life instruments will improvise while its running.
I have different drum parts and they play randomly by follow action. But I dont want them to "destroy" my scene structure. Simplicity and visible structure is important for the musicians in this project.
Thats why I want to group the drum scenes far below.

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Re: Start a clip by a midi controller message

Post by Bartho » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:25 pm

Solved the problem with "Tom Cosm - MIDI Note to Any Clip Slot Trigger 1.1 ".
Works great! Thanks Tom Cosm!

I spent weeks now to find out how to use Ableton to make perfect backing treacks with varying drum during Solo and I wonder about it.
Thought there would be lots of users wanna do just this!?
But I really didnt get lots of answers.

However: Who wanna know how in Ableton Suite to play musical parts progressing automatically, but in solo part progressing to next part with only ONE click to a foot or hand controller at ANY time in the playing part and with varying drums and/or other Instrments without BUYING ANYTHING but Abelton Suite may ask me.

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