Mapping multiple switches to stop button on Looper? FCB1010

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Mapping multiple switches to stop button on Looper? FCB1010

Post by Flamil » Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:22 pm

Hello, thank you for clicking on my question. :D
Summary of my looping set up
I'm in the process of creating a looping template to use live and for jamming with friends. Currently, I have two audio tracks with 4 loopers grouped on each, 2 for each track per section of the jam. The reason I have two loopers per-section is A)to be able to pull parts in and out of the jam more freely then undo button allows B) I have a max for live effect that should let me send audio from each looper to an effects rack that will either let me apply an effect to a single element of the loop, instead of bathing the whole loop in reverb, and to send parts of the loop to an effects rack that will be made to new audio from what I have looped and recorded that new effected audio. The rec/overdub/playback have been mapped to my FCB1010 accordingly
Guitarloop#1 section 1 Switch 1
Guitarloop#2 Section 1 Switch 2
Synthloop#1 Section 1 Switch 3
Synthloop#2 section 1 Switch 4
GuitarLoop#1 Section 2 Switch 6
Guitar Loop#2 section 2 Switch 7
Synth Loop #1 section 2 Switch 8
Synth Loop #2 section 2 Switch 9
Expression pedal A move the slider in the group window allowing me to be recording in section 1 when it is pushed back and in section 2 when pushed forward.
The switches, not the pedal, have been routed using direct note select and not midi CC as I found that while using midi CC I would sometimes have to hit the button once to get it to record/play/stop...ect or I would have to hit it twice. That uncertainty as to whether or not the button had executed the command made note select the best option. And since I am not running any softsynths It doesn't trigger anything I haven't assigned to it.
My problem :?
I am trying to route switches 6-9(section 2) so that regardless of what Looper I want to start with for the B section It will stop the all the loopers of section 1 and vice versa when I want to go back to the A section. Due to only being able to rout 1 command per stop button I am unable to do this. If I wasn't constrained by this limitation in Ableton I would just route switch 6-9 to each stop button of the looper for track 1 and again vice versa from switch 1-4 to stop buttons of the b section. But I can not, only telling you this so you have a better idea of what I am trying to do in theory.
How I have tried to fix it. :|
I have tried a few max for live plug-ins and those so far haven't worked. Also, if I am correct, the FCB1010 can send multiple messages with a single switch. So I have tried making switch 1-4 all send out a cc command of 22 in addition to their individual note select command then routing the CC command of 22 to each of the stop buttons of the section two loopers and setting switches 6-9 to a cc command of 23 and routing that to the stop button of the the A section loopers. But still no luck.
Thank you for your reading hopefully you can help.
I am happy to provide screenshots if Ableton, the FCB 1010 software editor, or a picture of the foot pedal itself. I just got the Software editor early to day to help speed up this trial and error process but up until now all programming of the FCB1010 has been done by hand.

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Re: Mapping multiple switches to stop button on Looper? FCB1010

Post by dreadlobster » Tue Feb 09, 2021 3:54 am

Plus one to this thread.

Trying to figure out the same thing. Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to do and it would make it so you can just jump from loop to loop in serial, as you can on other multi track loopers. But... I can't figure out a way to do it. Hope I'm just missing something basic.

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