Sustain Stuck Issue Resolved

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Sustain Stuck Issue Resolved

Post by k_sacto » Tue May 14, 2019 4:30 am

OK, so I successfully recorded my midi-tracks with a sustain pedal and all works nicely. I started recording audio tracks and any time I tried to set the looping so I could just record certain segments of the audio track, the sustain goes crazy on me. I stop the music - still sustains, for infinity. I try to manually stop the sustain by pressing the sustain pedal - no luck. I can't arm the midi track because I need to arm the audio track I need to record. Here is what resolved the problem for me. Make sure you are in the Arrangement view. In Windows, press SHIFT-TAB to bring up the clip view on the bottom. Click on the Show/Hide Envelopes yellow button at the bottom of the "Clip" window. In the "Envelopes" window choose "MIDI Ct", under that, choose: "64-Hold Pedal". There are two ways to choose to resolve the problem from here, either under "Region" choose "Unlinked" or with "Loop" turned on with yellow color, "Loop" will appear instead of "Region" and you can choose to "Unlink." Example: ... nV72v4OTib

I'm wondering if this will also resolve my sustain pedal reversing polarity sometimes when I first start Ableton. My only solution up to this point is to unplug the midi keyboard and plug it back in and this makes one more thing I have to remember to check in a live situation because the problem does not present itself until I press the pedal the first time.

Xa Sancle
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Re: Sustain Stuck Issue Resolved

Post by Xa Sancle » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:12 pm

Thank you a lot for this information... It really works and it was very annoying but, do you know some way to make it by default? Some Max for Live or another solution? I see one cannot select all clips and apply the same rule at the same time, at least I don't find it. 8O

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