ADSR Sample Manager: Manage your samples

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ADSR Sample Manager: Manage your samples

Post by jestermgee » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:21 pm

Price: Free

No idea how long this has been out for but just discovered it and am amazed it's free given the costly alternatives for managing samples and sounds.

A useful tool I came across which is both a standalone sample manager and VST plugin that allows management and tagging of your samples and loops. If you are like me and have constantly struggled with the way Lives browser lacks any of these needed features then this is probably the best thing you could add to your setup. And being a plugin, it will work in ANY daw!

Here are the features:

-Automatically tags all your samples in a flash
-All your samples searchable in an instant
-Standalone or VST/AU
-Hear samples in the context of your music with MIDI input
-Drag samples directly into your project
-Key detection and transpose to key
-Use multiple instances directly in your project
-Loops sync to your project tempo
-Trim sample start and end points
-Play samples forward, reverse or ping pong
-Save your favourite sounds and searches
-Use with services like Splice, Noiiz and Loopcloud
-Instant inspiration with the random button

Basically has all the features I personally wish the Live browser would incorporate and is super lite and best of all FREE!

The auto tagging works very well but does get a few things a bit wrong but this is very easily cleaned up as you go. Seems to use a combination of path/file name detection and analysis of the actual waveform to get the info for tagging. ... e-manager/

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