SOUNDCRAFT SI IMPACT: linking problems with ableton

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Andy blotter
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SOUNDCRAFT SI IMPACT: linking problems with ableton

Post by Andy blotter » Sat Aug 17, 2019 5:58 pm

HI to everyone,
I'm new on this forum and hope not to ask about something already done before.I made some search and have not found anything for this.
As an recent owner of si impact console from sound craft in order to connect all my stuff together and work with live, i am not able to connect it with live , maybe I'm too stupid or something that I miss .But i have tried all everything but nothing seems to work.
Is there anyone who have this console and could help me to configure it?
it will be more than appreciated..:)

my problems are :

-i can assign any audio channel from the console to live ,i see the signal in live's channel but when i move my console fader it does not affect the volume in live.
-I cannot assign any of live internal sound sources (track with audio or vst) to the console and worst i can not listen tracks played in live ....
basically i can record from the console to live but cannot send any sounds from live to the console and listen them or either listen any sounds from live itself..

i changed the input patches from the channels with synth on to the correspondant madi port of the card.the signal goes to live
but the other way round is not possible
thx for your help

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