A solution for the "Delete clip button missing" problem!

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A solution for the "Delete clip button missing" problem!

Post by nc2010 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:00 am

There are many threads such as this one about the fact we cannot delete a clip in session view from a MIDI controller. There are some workarounds with M4L (I haven't tested), or with Bomes, etc.

Here is an easy solution for Launchpad :

1. Just launch this miditokey.exe (only 197 KB) and that's all. (No MIDI OX, MIDI Yoke, Bomes, etc. needed)
2. It will automatically open any MIDI device connected to computer containing the word "Launchpad" in its name
3. It will assign the bottom right button (MIDI note 119 in Session mode) to the DELETE keyboard key.
4. As long as the Ableton Live window has the focus and the session view has the focus, all you need to do is press the clip you want to delete (like if you want to play it), and press the bottom right button of the Launchpad. Done! The clip is deleted!

Very useful if you want to do many takes of an instrument, and immediately erase the bad takes.


* For now it's a very simple tool, but I could modify it to accept any other MIDI device than Launchpad, and any other mapping MIDI note xx => shortcut key yy
* Comments are welcome !
* To avoid this bottom right pad to behave like a Play/stop button of the 8th row, first test with a Live set containing maximum 7 scenes, so it won't act as a normal button for the 8th row. This can easily be bypassed, I'll explain in another post if needed.

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