Question: Saving External Synth as a Patch?

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Question: Saving External Synth as a Patch?

Post by redforsaken » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:49 pm

I’ve been using Ableton from quite some time but I’m finally getting into hardware synthesis and have my eye on the Arturia MicroBrute as my first purchase but I have a question:

Since the MicroBrute doesn’t have presets or a save feature, is there a way I can save a patch into Ableton and essentially recall it as an instrument? I imagine that’s probably possible using Sampler/Simpler but I’d love some input from someone who has experience on the matter. Also, are there any limitations I should be aware of with this process?


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Re: Question: Saving External Synth as a Patch?

Post by TLW » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:13 pm

The short answer is "no". Other than sending and receiving basic MIDI notes and (I think - I had a Microbrute but don't at the moment) mod wheel/pitch bend the micro brute is only operated by control voltages (CV) and most of the controls don't output voltage so a MIDI to CV convertor can't be used to turn the voltage into MIDI which could be stored with a bit of ingenuity. Live's control voltage plugins could be used to control the functions with inputs in the patch bay, but you'd need an audio interface with voltage-coupled outputs (most interfaces don't have them) or use a modular module such as the one by Expert Sleepers that can turn ADAT into CV. You'd need to have a modular setup to do that of course.

As for sampling the Microbrute, that means you would lose the ability to use the brute's controls to change the sound - no way to do filter sweeps for example, or change the LFO rate of amount. Live has filters etc. but you'd basically be using the synth just as a fixed sound source and lose a lot of what makes it special.
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