Hot swapping samples in context not working??

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Hot swapping samples in context not working??

Post by B166ER » Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:16 pm

So I have been an Ableton user for near 15 years, and the hot-swap feature where u can listen to the sample u are previewing in CONTEXT of the music ur playing is broken for me... I remember it used to work back in Ableton 7 or something but it stopped work and I completely forgot about the feature until I saw a tutorial a dude was doing and it worked fine for him. But it doesn't work for me? Why not???
It's a simple process, I hit the Sample hot-swap in say Simpler, then scroll through my sample selection while my track is playing and I should hear my samples playing so I can preview how they sound with my track in context. But I only get a one-shot of the sample, it doesn't play with the midi notes?. WHHYYYY??

Ableton Studio 10.1.9 Win 10

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Re: Hot swapping samples in context not working??

Post by Composum » Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:08 pm

B166ER I totally agree with you. I am stumbled that such basic functionality is not present. That is changing a sample to another sample (in hot-swap mode) by single clicking on a sample or with up-down arrow keys. The newly selected sample should immediately play the midi pattern of the sample which is being swapped. This way you can quickly go true different samples and here how they sound in the track while it is playing. Implement please! Or am I missing something?

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