Anomaly fix: recorded audio and metronome off sync

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Anomaly fix: recorded audio and metronome off sync

Post by baseinstinct » Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:55 pm

I have made a strange discovery - subject to further checks.

A laggy effect added to master fx channel affects both the alignment of live audio recordings (looper and audio track from another track), but also the metronome.

Especially the latter is very surprising, but here's how I found out.

There was an audio loop with the starting transient right at the start of the loop. In the absence of any effects on the channel, you would expect this to be playing in sync with the metronome - and this is what was not right only until I removed a master track effect that was showing to produce a 1800ms lag.

So, there is a ready solution - remove laggy master effects, but you wouldn't this expect this to happen to start with. Based on past experience of problems syncing audios, I think this must have been the case for multiple Live versions.

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