Koala app + Live: legato clips with same clock?

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Koala app + Live: legato clips with same clock?

Post by Audiophillic » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:54 am


I recently got Koala app for iOS and have great fun with it. I create beats and then export all loops as a Live Set. It works well.
However, I can not make Live behave like the Koala App does when changing scenes/sequences. In Koala, as you lauch a new sequence from a previous one, it does so in legato mode, and it is smooth and fun to do this. Although Ableton has a legato mode for clips, it does not work the same way. This is because clips can have different lenghts, and also if there is no clip in a scene, and then there is on the next scene, it will always start that clip in the beginning. Ideally it should start as if that clip had already run, as happens in koala.

Is there a way to do this in Live 9? It would work kind of like if all clips in a set would be playing at the same time, following the same clock, but then you would launch or unmute some as you go.

I guess you understand it best if you also have the koala app for comparison. Because it is much more fun and easy to work like this, I find.


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Re: Koala app + Live: legato clips with same clock?

Post by yur2die4 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:37 pm

Well, I’ve had the Koala app for a while but hadn’t experimented with it much since there are soooo many incredible iOS apps. It’s hard to go through them all haha.

So I tinkered a bit with creating some patterns and switching between them. I think in the case of Koala it also helps that they aren’t ‘audio clips’ but ‘audio patterns’ of samples. So it is quite seamless when switching between those.

Still, it sounds like you’re managing to accept that part and are more interested in the loss of sync for the channels that are blank in some sections.

My recommendation would be to just add a blank (or clip volume set to zero) audio clip with the same launch settings as all the other clips -easiest method probably to copy a neighboring clip and drag the clip level to -inf.. This would ensure that you’re not having a clip actually stop, which would prevent you from having to Start a fresh clip while the others have already been playing legato.

I’ve heard great things about Koala, and am familiar with the hardware it closely emulates. Was pretty fun experimenting with it, though, I’m sure my results would’ve been way nicer if I had gotten deep into some sampling, etc. looks like endless fun!

I also appreciate that it has Ableton Link support, allowing it to play well with others.

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