pitching multiple clips in the same track from an external keyboards

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pitching multiple clips in the same track from an external keyboards

Post by Ichinau » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:41 pm


I've been using Ableton live 10 Intro version since 6 months and this is the right product for my needs.
However there is one thing on which I struggle since the beginning and I can't find a solution despite my different research on the web and on this forum.
Here is the problem.
I have 2 midi clips on the same track. 1 midi clip is on scene 1 and second is on scene 2. Both contain different musical phrases of two beats length.
What I would like to do is to pitch the tune of both clips from an external midi keyboard but one or the other.
I found this tip "https://ask.audio/articles/ableton-live ... i-keyboard" which allows me to a setup a key range on my keyboard with which to transpose the clip by.
So, in the midi setup mode, I configured a range from C3-G3 on the first clip and when playing a key in this range on the keyboard, it works just fine.
However when I'm jumping on #2 scene, and If I press a key on the keyboard included in the ranged of C3-G3, it retriggers clip 1 and transpose it according to the key press and this not what I want. In fact, it superposes with clip2 which is not transposed.
What I want is to transpose Clip 2 or Clip1 but never both at the same time.
In MIDI setup mode, I tried to setup a range on top of Clip 2 but Live prevents me to add the same key range on another clip.
So my question: Is there another way to achieve a similar result? I'm lacking a little bit of experience in Live; for me what I request seems so natural that I'm quite surprised no to be able to do it in a straightforward way.
So many thanks for your tips/advices.


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