Best way to extract clips as .wav samples? (+ Freeze sound glitch issue)

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Best way to extract clips as .wav samples? (+ Freeze sound glitch issue)

Post by acrkdky » Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:24 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm relatively new to Ableton and overall music production, and I looked everywhere for a solution to my problem (which seems to work apart from a sound issue with freeze). So I decided to send it to you here, and see if I'm either missing something or if there's a better way.

My goal:
To create an easy tool to save different phrases and chords as .WAV samples to use in grooveboxes.

What I did:

1. Session view: Added a Midi track, created a permutation of Maj/Min and Triad/7th/Inversions/Short/Long/Strum clips. I keep them in C (but I also added a pitch midi effect in case I want to change the octave, or export different roots).
2. Copy this default track and add the VST or instrument I want.
3. Select all clips, grab them and hit TAB to drop them all sequentially on the track in Arrangement view.
4. Freeze track *(more about the issue below)
5. Flatten (they become audio clips)
6. Crop clip(s). The samples are all in the Cropped folder. The name of the clip is there, with an annoying "(Freeze)..." suffix that's added on the clip name
7. Put all .WAV files on Audacity to trim silence in a macro. Save. Done.

All in all this works fine. Howeeeeever:

Minor issue: Is there a better way to export the clips with just their actual name, without all the annoying "(Freeze) + date" thing? Would save some time.

MAIN ISSUE: When I freeze the track, the sound changes immediately. Some clips sound like there's a drop in the volume just after the sound is played, some clips end up with weird popping. I can unfreeze and see the problem is gone, freeze again and it's back. Am I doing something wrong? I didn't add any weird VST or tons on effects, I can see this happening even with the Ableton stock instruments 😐

THE QUESTION: How would you guys do this? Am I missing some easier way? What about the freeze issue, did you also see this happening before?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Best way to extract clips as .wav samples? (+ Freeze sound glitch issue)

Post by invisibledan » Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:42 pm

Hi, this probably isn't quite what you're after but there may be something useful that could help you. Sorry if not.

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