How To Exit Clip Automation, Go Back To Note Piano Roll

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How To Exit Clip Automation, Go Back To Note Piano Roll

Post by AkasaDhatu » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:45 pm

Edit: A friend gave me the secret arcane knowledge needed to answer my question. Apparently, the "Show/Hide Envelopes Box" button ALSO changes the behavior of the piano roll between note edit mode and automation mode, even though the description of that button doesn't say anything about that. I feel like this functionality shouldn't be hidden within that button because this is not just showing or hiding something, it's completely changing what the whole piano roll box does. Instead, there should be a prominent button that says "Automation Mode" which you can click to change to "Note Mode" or "Modulation Mode" which should always be visible.

Hopefully this helps someone out there and keeps them from pulling their hair out.

Original post:
Hi all, I feel like I really shouldn't have to make a post about this, as it should be intuitive enough to just figure out, but it's not and I haven't found the answer in any videos or other forum posts.

I have a clip, and I automated the LFO in it by right clicking the LFO knob and choosing "show automation", then I drew in the automation I wanted. This is all good.

But now, how do I exit the automation editing and go back to the normal clip piano roll to edit notes again? I just want to have the normal piano roll to edit the notes in the clip. This is extremely basic and I feel like I'm going crazy for not being able to figure it out. Is it not possible to edit the notes in a clip after making some automation or something?? When I right click I can choose "show modulation" which takes me to modulation editing, and when I'm in that mode, I can right click and go back to "show automation". How do I get out of these and go back to normal piano roll? :evil:

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