Follow action quirk?

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Follow action quirk?

Post by wellsoliver » Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:22 am

I have a MIDI cip with a 2:1 chance every 2 beats, A is play other (five other clips in the track) and B is no action.

Ableton just plays this clip repeatedly, the A action is never fired. Am I thinking about something incorrectly? It seems like the B action just stops follow actions entirely...

The idea is every 2 beats it might play another clip, but 33% chance it continues playing the current clip.

It looks like this:


(seems like image embeds are broken? you can see it here)

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Re: Follow action quirk?

Post by pottering » Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:40 am

"No action" means "no follow action", at all. ... ow-actions
There is also the possibility to have no Follow Action by selecting “No Action,“ or leaving the chooser blank.
"13.6.3 Temporarily Looping Clips" example hints at this too, as if "No Action" didn't stop Follow Actions, the long sample would not be guaranteed to play to the end like it is described (it would have a 8:1 change of "Play Again" each bar, with a 8 bar Clip the chance it triggers that :1 chance 8 times in a row is like 1 in 43 millions, my math may be wrong, but it is definitely a very small chance).

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