Collect All and Save vs Manage Project

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Collect All and Save vs Manage Project

Post by kingdom_kev » Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:57 pm

Hello all,

I have just gone through all my past projects and clicked 'Collect All and Save' which has saved all of the samples within the project folder the set is contained in. From my understanding, this will allow me to move computers/hard drives and still be able to load my project without missing files which is exactly what I need.

Now for the question ..

When I go to View>File Manager

and click on Manage Set - there are no missing files and no external files which is perfect and expected.

But when I go to Manage Project, there are still external files. Which makes it seem like the sounds aren't saved in the project folder but they actually are if I go to the destination on my hard drive (due to Collect All and Save feature).

So my question is what is the difference between Collect All and Save - and Collect Into Project from the File Manager? If I have done collect all and save is that all that is needed to move things around safely or should I also do Collect into Project?

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