Learning Midi Remote Scripts

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Learning Midi Remote Scripts

Post by lophMsudic » Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:37 pm

Hello forum! :)

I've spent some time tying to learn how to write Midi Remote Scripts using Python with Ableton 10. For that matter, I've learned most of the things by "Try & Error", this awesome tutorial about _Framework (remotescripts.blogsport.com)
and this API Documentation (www.structure-void.com).

Though, I'm slowly getting a grip on coding _Framework, there're still a couple of things, I keep wondering about:
1. Browsing the Ableton scrtipt directory, I've noticed scripts called "_Tools" (seems to be legacy-code from Ableton 6), "_UserScript" and most of all "_Generic". Does anybody have information about these classes, or a least point me into the direction to find those informations myself?

2. Like I said before: I did most of my own 'training' using _Framework, but the current scripts don't use those classes anymore, instead they use some classes to be found in ./ableton/v2/*. So, in order to adjust the functionality of my current Masterkeyboard with my own code, I feel like I have to understand those classes better. Again: Any help to find more information on those classes is much appreciated.

Unfortunately it's somehow very hard to find any information about scripting ableton > version 9, so I'm really running out of ideas where to look...

The Rabbits
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Re: Learning Midi Remote Scripts

Post by The Rabbits » Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:59 am

Have a look here for decompiled versions of all the standard scripts.


I found a few useful bits here, but there is no useful documentation. The main thing I got from digging through the code was the limitations of the model.

I've been doing the same over the last month or so. Taking the opportunity to learn Python as well as making controlling live with my Launchkey more efficient.

Those limitations are frustrating!!

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