How do you get DJM-800 Roll Effect?

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How do you get DJM-800 Roll Effect?

Post by kpa » Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:55 am


I'm setting up Live as an FX unit for my decks that will either be the Send/Receive FX option on my DJM 600, or possibly I might route my turntables through 2 channels in LIve then out live into my mixer (Decks>Live>Mixer). (If there are no latency issues)

I have the DJM 600, buton the new DJM 800 mixer there is a ROLL effect. Does anyone know what this is a variation of, and how to get it in Live???

I think it might be an echo with no Decay, can you do this in live?
Or perhaps a Beat Repeat.

If anyone has any ideas then id love to know, im going to try and figure it out tomorrow, but a clue would definately help.

Sorry if youread this and none of it made sense. :-) Hopefully it did to someone.



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Post by DeadlyKungFu » Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:28 am

is it like a delay that fades away? dummy clip for a delay effect with a volume envelope?

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Post by starfish » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:35 am

I'm using beat repeat to emulate the roll effect. Works great!

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Post by SubLik » Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:51 pm

The Fantastic Stutter effect as used by talented artists including the bestest, most popular DJ & producer in the whole wide world, Fat Boy Slim :wink: .

I have been using the same as starfish for quite a while now.

I'm using it like so:-
  • Set beatrepeat on your Master to no triplets (unless of course you want them).

    Set the gate to full.

    Set a midi control to turn beatrepeat switch on/off & a nob for controlling the looping size. i.e. 1/32, 1/16, etc. and then set whatever other parameters you like to midi controls.

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Post by selthym » Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:38 pm ... umRoll.adg

Uses 2 beat repeats. Records a 1 bar loop and allows you to manipulate the offset and size of the repeated slice. Assign a key or button to the 1st BR repeat button and tweak the Grid & Offset of the 2nd Beat Repeat.

I created the above. Works well for me. I made this after playing with a DJM800.

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Post by emptypond » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:16 pm

link doesnt work.. help plz :D

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