THE Rack List. (What can you do with Racks?)

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Re: THE Rack List. (What can you do with Racks?)

Post by shuutobi » Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:39 am

I created a harmonic tremolo rack. (9.2+)
If you're not sure what that is, think a "kinda" univibe-ish tremolo.
Inspired by the rare harmonic tremolos of yesteryear and designed to sound good no matter how you adjust it. (Hopefully!)
For basic, "normal" harmonic tremolo use, just adjust the depth and speed controls.
  • Analog input allows for 6dB of analog clipping if needed.
  • Tone rolls off the high end from 1-22kHz if needed. If it's all the way up, the LPF turns off.
  • Output allows for +/- 6dB of level correction.
  • Depth adjusts the depth of the effect and it also attempts to auto gain correct for the signal loss.
  • Speed adjusts the speed of the effect.
  • Balance adjusts the blend of the low and high frequency bands.
  • Crossover Frequency adjusts the crossover frequency.
  • Crossover Q adds or removes frequencies around the cross over point and it also attempts to automatically gain correct for the signal loss or gain.

I also made the sub-kick effect rack (9.2+) that I posted instructions to make many moons ago.

I went a little deeper with it to allow for easy frequency selection. I would have taken it a step further and added a texture control with the cabinet effect, but that's not a standard device and I didn't want to limit it to owners of the device.
Need a lil' extra somethin' somethin' for your kick drum? Give this a try, but I do suggest just using EQ first.
  • 50Hz - 60Hz selects the frequency of the sub kick emulation and delays the specific frequency in milliseconds.
  • MAOR! Up to +6dB of "sub kick" gain.

If you think they could be improved upon, let me know!

Get them free here:

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