Compadre Beatpuncher (Side-Chain)

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My addition to compadre SC

Post by akaratz » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:24 pm

So, i use it in two ways : using battery & impulse

1. With battery. U got you drum kit, duplicate the kick sample (for exmple) and send in to outs 3/4 stereo or mono.
Create a new audio track, not a sen track. I found, that sends in sidechain add sole latency. (please confirm that). On this audo track, set the audio from the channel where battery is, and tahe the input 3/4 or the mono one.
Next, on the track you want the compress, insert the compadre & define the audio from the "kick trigger" track. Put the ratio high & forget it. I controle it using the "kick trigger" level, or cut it with mute. This track is a kind of a bass lead, 100 ms release.
Unfortunately, to trigger another track with the kick, u must add another "kick trigger" or "snare trigger" 8)

2. With impulse, u have your drum kit in the main channel, clone it, take the midi from the main channel & solo the drum, or del the rest of the samples. The folowing routing is as prevoius

Hope this example helps>>>

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