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Post by Khazul » Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:40 am

I have a dbx 1066 - its still my favourite bus compressor over any plugin I have found to date.

Nice using it with a vitalizer mk2-t after it it you want to really squash the hell out of something without it sounding dead afterwoards... :)
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Post by Timur » Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:17 am

sweetjesus wrote:hitting it hard is what its best for. bump your kick volume up and then add more compression across the master. low attack short release and a hefty ratio..

id use the saturator and Lives compressor and in fact Lives compressor h as the best 'pump' out of any compressor ive heard but lacks the low end definition and saturator rocks but totally rapes the transients sometimes across a mix.
After all the ravings about Live 7's new compressor you come and destroy it. ;)

Are you sure that Live's compressor lacks low end definition or does the Alesis just add bottoms maybe?

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Post by nate_D » Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:56 am

feyshay wrote:Piece of cake. Send your combination of tracks into a sub-mix track. Route (using Ext. out) that out of your audio device to your compressor. Create another track with Ext in through your audio device from your compressor. Monitor, record/render. Voila. Very easy.
You have to look at it as an insert, otherwise you will get phase issues if mixing compressed signal with uncompressed signal. Ableton still has some work to do for integrating external effects and compensating for delay. You cannot do it manually.
I have a Trakker that I need to use more and more. I still have to get around the issue of going through an extra round of conversion.

so is there a way to monitor what you're doing without recording? i'm getting the phasing really bad when i turn up the output on the compressor to try to hear. i've got it set up so that there's a left and right going out to it from my mixing desk. the outputs are going to channels 1/2.
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